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Hey folks, we are now closed..which means we are no longer taking submissions.
Though we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for the gallery, please refrain from sending us packets, emails or inquiries about exhibiting and/or renting the gallery space.

The good news is there are many great galleries in Oakland that you can still approach.
thank you for your cooperation

Blankspace was an artist-run contemporary art gallery in Oakland, California that ran from 2006-2010 with a focus on exhibiting emerging artists in a wide range of media. During it's 4 years in operation, Blankspace fostered solid relationships with artists, collectors, curators, non-profit spaces and other contemporary art galleries to help expand the Bay Area arts community.

In addition to visual art, Blankspace hosted one-night events catered to time-based media such as music, film and video.

For inquiries concerning historical images/ info about Blankspace or the Oakland Arts scene please email info@blankspacegallery.com

Co-directors Jason Byers and Kerri Johnson have lived in the Bay Area since 1997. Jason received his MFA from UC Berkeley in 1999 and has exhibited at Linc Art, Southern Exposure, Refusalon and Lucky Tackle, Fleetwing Gallery and The Compound Gallery. Kerri received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2003 and has exhibited her work at CSAW Gallery in Houston, Cricket Engine, Lucky Tackle, 21 Grand, David Cunningham Projects, Fleetwing Gallery in Brooklyn and the Elevator Gallery in Toronto.

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