Jonathan Casella Jonathan Casella

Misako Inaoka Misako Inaoka

Joshua Pieper Joshua Pieper
Joshua Pieper has been making strange things, and making things strange, since 1980 when he founded the First Annual Nerf Basketball Championship which took place in the basement of his home in St. Paul Minnesota. There were 8 teams totaling 45 players, but only one 6 year old to act it all out.

Case Simmons Case Simmons

Tonya Solley Thornton Tonya Solley Thornton
Drawing inspiration from Christmas light displays, parade floats, Disney World, The Aquacade, and other spectacles from past and present, Tonya incorporates a mixture of craft and sculpture to give form to strange fantasy worlds that stimulate a sense of wonder, engage the imagination and allow the mind to wander.