Eth6 Magazine

Eth6 Magazine Issue 3: Contributing Artist Exhibition

Sept. 5 - Oct. 13, 2008

Artist Reception: Sept. 12, 7-10pm with music by Pale Hoarse & Ascended Master

Readings cancelled for October 12

First Friday Receptions: Sept. 5, Oct. 3, 7-10pm

Issue 3: contributing Artists Exhibition
Art: Bert Bergen, Brian Caraway, Eve Ekman, Jana Flynn, Tara Foley, Richard Nyhagen, Juliette Oken, Brion Nuda Rosch, Sham Saenz, Adam Wier, Gaelan Mckeown-Hickel
Photography: Beryl Fine, Rachel Styer, Kari Orvik, Norma Cordova

Eth6 Issue Three

Eth6 is an annual collaborative publication between Artists, Social Workers and Journalists to cover stories that otherwise remain invisible in mainstream media. Eth6 couples the insight of those working in the front lines of social service with the narrative skills of journalists to create "unbroken" news. The artwork plays an integral role in balancing the heavy editorial content and providing another entry point of resonance with a general audience. Eth6 operates upon the principle that social justice cannot be realized if there is no public awareness. For this issue we have produced fifteen phenomenal stories that include researching alternatives to the criminal justice system, the community response to gang violence in San Francisco's churches, the ethical choices of caring for those who do not care for themselves on the street and many more. With over a dozen artists and photographers the issue presents thoughtful responses to these complex topics. The Eth6 exhibition will show case the new issue and provide a space to step inside the narratives through images.

Copies of Eth6 Magazine Issue 3 are available to purchase at blankspace






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