work A day

curated by Lisa Solomon and Lorene Anderson

October 20 - November 19, 2007
Artist Reception: October 20, 6-9pm

First Friday Reception: November 2, 7-10pm

Exhibiting Artists: Lorene Anderson, Connie Begg, Freddy Chandra, Tracey Cockrell, Lauren Davies, Jonn Herschend, Cynthia Ona Innis, Sylvia Min, Robert Ortbal, James Sterling Pitt, Lisa Solomon, Michele Theberge.

Lisa Solomon and Lorene Anderson have both been working on daily projects in their studios for some time. WorkADay evolved from a discussion about what "daily art practice" meant to both of them as artists. The resulting idea cumulated into an exhibition of 12 artists invited to complete a work a day for three weeks. Select pieces from each artist 's resulting body of work will be exhibited.  

The exhibition explores specific type of daily art practice that goes beyond thinking of daily practice as exercise or ritual. Something different happens when an artists sets out to begin and complete a work within a 24 hour period, as opposed to spending days/weeks on one piece.   Issues need to be addressed promptly and executed swiftly. This sets new parameters and changes the methodology an artist usually institutes when making an artwork. Changing habits/methods can open the door to new ideas, directions and materials, and can provide new ways of thinking, allowing for a new immediacy, intimacy and directness in the works.

WorkADay was envisioned as a way to give the audience an enlightened insight into an artist's method, from the development of new ideas through the transformation of idea into a completed body of artwork.


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